One of my valueable collection

at last, manage to blog something again while Caelan is sleep, and me starting the 2nd mid sem hols+Hari Raya hols since thursday. well, awal kan cuti..cuti berganti bah..
so just wanna share my book collection and this is only half...the rest were at Penampang home.
I started buying book since my Uni day (before that i only allow to but reference book).i will buy novel everytime given allowance given. usually during that time, i will buy malay novel because more cheaper.but i promised to myself will buy as many english novel when i have salary. So now, every 2-3 month i will buy 4-5 novels depend on what bookstore offer and how long i finish reading them all. I have mix novel as reading is one of my hobby
as i said this is only half of my collection at 2 of my 3-tier racks.
Hubby said, too much already, klu jual ada juga duit...
i think they are worth thousand ikut harga sebenar..

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