Remember my post last time. That i cant breastfeed my 1st baby due to my inverted nipple and less support from surrounding... Read here about it. Well my second baby is lucky ... During my pregnancy, i started to urut2 my nipple n hoping it would pop out after deliver. Yes there was a little nipple popping at the aerola ( ngam kaitu?) ..after i give birth to baby Cohenn, my milk still doesnt came out until day 3 even tho cohenn did suck the little nipple.  But then, my nipple started to crack, sore n even luka. So i stop him to suck but i pump my milk every three hours. Milk produce was so little at that time.. So he drink my milk from bottle n i hv to give him formula. When my nipples about to heal after 4days, i try to make him suck again my nipple, so lucky he still want to help. Im so afraid he confuse between bottle nipple n mommy's nipple but then he suck until my nipple sore again. I stop him sucking but pumping my milk .. The routine going on for like 3 weeks. Until i found  the nipples cream from medela. The healing process was faster. With the help of that cream, my nipples less sore n crack. After a month i can fully breastfeed m baby. The milk supply always enough. I can feed baby every two-three hours. I almost gave up breastfeed but    My love Towards my baby give me strength. Then again i feel regret, only if i can breastfeed my caelan at the first place i maybe the happiest mother ...so I will breastfeed him as long he want my nenen n im enjoy about it.
I am really happy about it. Even cohenn started with formula but now he is fully breastfeeding. Now i believe, inverted nipple is not an excuse for not bf. even at the beginning it was the hardest but at the end it is wonderful.


TaQuiLa said...

yeah..go breastfeed mommy! my baby masi fully BF lagi now..

Julie M Gumpil said...

well done... even me reding this pun rasa syiok.. just blogwalking actually, do come and visit my blog k.. http://health-wellness-nature.blogspot.com/.. tq

memeljoan said...

Best bah dpt breastfeed baby...next baby, sa pun mo kasi fully breastfeeding ni...hihi

Vienne said...

Sheila: ya..sa pun semangat..

mel: ya kita support ekslusif breastfeeding ni..