Cerita Beranak

Yeah... i supposed this story should be written ages ago, since baby Cohenn is almost 3 months already. how time flies with two kids. such a busy day everyday even on leave.
But the moment of giving birth to our second bundle of joy is still fresh.

my EDD is 28 May 2012.
I delivered via V on 29 May 2012.

25 May 2012
2 days before my edd, my appointment with Dr R makes really me scared. He said, my water bag level has been decreased and set 4 days appointment after that to see if any changes with the water level. if it still decreased maybe i will go C-sec again. and that makes me really worried. I really dunt want Go thru C-sec again. i still remember the the epidural needles at my back. i still remember how hard i try to sit after the progress. i pray hard everyday so i can deliver anytime. of coz thru the right way...(ahakx)

26 May 2012
still no sign. i still can go to tamu, eat like nothing happen. still can go jalan2 with caelan to see his great granny (my nenek), still can run here and there. Caelan was super active at the age of 1 year 7 mo. Of course i feel the contraction but i feel that since past few days.

27 May 2012
Still no sign when i woke up the morning. so as usual i do my daily routine. and still sempat jalan at donggongon with Caelan. yes, im super active so i can deliver smoothly. still hoping for V-birth.
then.. 10.30 pm, there was blood stain on my panty liner. Panic...but i dunt really feel any pain. so, we heading to RMC. the nurse checked me and she said there still no opening. well, the nurse said i can check in or going home because there still no opening. but i opt for going home. bukan jauh pun rumah kalau la sa mo branak pagi tu..owh.. i read that blood showing means maybe u going to labour maybe in an hour, in a day or week..haiyaaaa....

28 May 2012
The due date it was. but still no pain only contraction as usual. this day, i dunt dare jalan2 anymore.. hehe.. so i just stayed at home. play with Caelan. sit all day. till evening came. Caelan was super active that night. im so tired of him. ya la..with my big belly, i have to run for him all the time.
10.30 pm
When i am about to put him sleep, he still wanted to play. sangat mencabar and buat mummy sakit kepala. tidak mau tdur and still jumping on bed. when i trying to grab him, suddenly i feel something 'big' out from my V. aiya..what now?? i went to toilet and check..whoahaaa... my pad ( i used pad eversince i have the blood show) is really wet. so this, i dunt really panic. hubby is the one who panic. what in my mnd is, alaa..mcm mana kalau kena suruh pulang lagi ...but we just go n check saja la..
so i leaved wide awake Caelan under his babysitter and we heading to RMC (again). When we reached there Dr R just finish assist giving birth. so he checked on me and i was already 1cm dilated. So nurse prepared me and i wait in the labour room with hubby beside me. i still dont feel any pain but i feel nausea ...
12.30 am
i started to feel contraction. but the pain is more at the back. maybe the epidural effect during my C-sect.
the contraction came every half hour.
the contraction came every 15 min. the nurse check me again and i was 5cm dilated. whoaahh 5 cm i feel like mo branak suda.
6.30 am ..
i cannot tahan the pain.contraction came every 10 -5 min padahal, using the CTG machine the pain is only 5-++ so i ask for pain killer. adui..i remember once my friend said her contraction up to 100++... adui yang 50 pun sa nda tahan ini kan lagi 100... i almost decide for C-sec..haha..yeahhhh really cannot tahan the pain.but i said nothing to anyone. at the same time, the other labour room there was another one give birth. she screamed so hard like it was reallly pain.

8.00 am.
i cannot bear the pain and for the first time i almost cry painfully.oopss nda menangis tapi sia kestau tu nurse sakit suda btul.. she checked on me and i have to wait about 1 cm. alalala...mcm mo terkeluar suda everytime the contraction come but she still ask me to tarik hembus nafas...mo marah pun ada uga.. but she said my baby is big and if i force push my rahim will sore. so i listen to the expert. until i really cannot tahan i almost push, but then tarik nafas hembus nafas balik...lega skijap. then nurse check and im ready to go.... they prepare everything. cabut itu ini, buka itu ini,.haish sempat lagi fikir, kenapa juga lama2 ni durang ..dr come, everything was ready and im ready to push. when the contraction came, i push hard 3 times but still not there. stop awhile.. tarik nafas again... nah bila kena suruh push nda juga dapat kasi kuar...second attempt, contraction come, push and still not coming..aiyaaaa... third still the same. fourth contraction came, push 1, tarik nafas, push 2, tarik nafas panjang and puuuush 3 there he goes.. kluar kepala si baby..punyaaaaaa sadap .. rehat kijap..contraction come and the baby is out at 8.41 am.. i heard Dr R said..Good smooth delivery.sempat lagi Dr R tanya, what is the first baby punya weight and i said 3.1kg... then He said, punya senang ko kasi kuar this 3.3 kg baby kenapa nda buli kasi kuar yang dulu..hehe..i just smile kepenatan.
when jahit2 session finish i came out with a big smile to hubby. aiya, he doesnt came in with me because he is penakut. mau kasi kawan tp baru dingar tu suara sana bilik sebelah teriak suda dia pucat. apa lagi kalau saya.

there was my baby yang sa berjaya kasi kuar ini few hours suda.. hehe. Dr let me home on the same day i deliver but i opt for staying a night there. mo berehat bah, sebab 1 mlm nda tdr and if i go home, sure si caelan minta perhatian brabis ni..

there my beranak punya crita..hope u not boring.


Joan said...

supermom..i salute you people yang sudah give birth ni..ko lagi dua sudah baby..

nc said...

Great story Vienne.
ur a brave mother..rasa nya sa tak mampu lalui smua tu o..

TaQuiLa said...

yuhuuu..just read this post and made me reminiscing my own moment..

boleh lagi ko tinguk2 tu CTG machine di saat saat kesakitan?ehiks..i have no idea mine brapa oh dia pnya bacaan contraction hari tu..

anyway..mo wish u heal fast pun memang suda heal, in fact suda masuk kerja pun ko kan?hehe

ba, u take care kio..muah to both ur sons!

Just said...

Lama nda limpas sini.. i remember you were on ur 1 pregnancy last time when i 'came'.. and u are having 2 babies now! how time flies.. congratzz ya! :)

StellaClaire-Richard said...

uiyooo.. punya kuat ko.. yg aya ko bah lepas terkeluar kepala baby tu, 'punya sadap'..odoi!haha

Alv0808 said...

Tidak sedar..dua sdh pla kan? by the way..congrats!!