Been Awhile..

Woooww... it been so long since my last updates..
not that i forgot about my blog but i actually more to my hp than my laptop..
Being a working mother with 2 kids not an easy task.. Quality time with them is more precious..

my everyday routine was the same always..

plus not so much update in everyday life.

plus i dunt really go vacation for the past 6 months

plus not much story to tell

well.. in conclusion by today I:

1)lose weight and inch but not so much.. -12 kg 

2) the kids grows so fast i dunt wanna miss a thing. 
Caelan is coming to 4 yrs old this year, he will register to chinese school this year and next year he will be in kindy.. wooww...
Cohenn is coming to 2 years and he talk alot and learn to talk faster than his brother.

3) planning to get the number 3 this year. *finger cross*

4) major changing this year.. i decided to cut short of my long hair. panat suda mo jaga rambut panjang. plus easy to manage when i workout.

5) I still taking cake order. the hits of my cake were chocolate cake, yam cake and red velvet. =)

well my life story is boring. that is why i dunt update. 
or maybe after this i will share my cooking as a mother.

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