Workout routine

I challenge my self this year to lose about 20kg of my weight. I weight so heavy after i gave birth to my second baby.
Before i started to do some workout i have tried alph lipid, shape plus, u name it, almost everything. not hat i dont know they wont do the magic but i still try it with a little 'hope' i can be slim again. Maybe i did lose 2-3 kg but that afr i spend a lot... Well... Seems i spend more money than losing those kg inside me.

Last year, dec before the school holiday end (a week before christmas), i went to my first zumba class party at z fitness putatan and fall in love with it. And so, thats the beginning of my journey with Zumba. Then i started joining Zumba here in Tambunan eversince.With Zumba i had enjoy myself so much. I meet new friend. Make a new social life here in Tambunan. Since that Dec, i never weight myself, until one day i have the courage to stand on the weighing scale again and i lost about 8 kg. and that was 4 months after my last weighing.. Thats a lot right? No wonder people said i look thinner than before. I started to have confident in me again.
I put target on myself, i must lose everyweek about 0.1 kg.. Even that was  small amount, but better lose than gain weight right? So decided to weight my self  once in 2 weeks only. So i dunt stress. During the kaamatan n holiday season, i eat a lot, went zumba once a week only, but luckily i didnt gain weight. My weight was static and thats happen until almost end of Jun.the weight scale shows static. Yes totally static !. I started to worry. I know i must do something. So i start eat  clean (mid june)
Before this, i eat everything in the moderate way. Yes, everything and that include rice, oily food, snack, junk food but all in moderate way. So what i do, i eat rice (half)in the morning and toward the end of the day i only eat oat or vege and sometimes chicken. I didnt eat rice...i take rice for dinner only once (or twice) a week. I have my cheat day sometimes.. But i do count my calories intake. I never skip meals but eat more than 5 times a day. I drink more than 2 litre of water, cut down carbohidrat, cut down carbonated. The only hard for me to cut down is my caffein. But everytime i make a cup, i will divide it with my gud friend.
Luckily i startto lose weight again. And total lost for now is 10kg. Thank God! That hardworks was paid.
Clean eat and zumba helps  lot!


CJane said...

Hello! Found my way here through Chegu Carol. Seems like everyone I know (including myself) is on the road to slimming. Good luck to all of us! :D

chegu carol said...

Congrats on your weight loss journey...ada juga progress tu.

Dee Loner said...

Good luck with the pursuit of losing weight. I, like you, had so many frustration cries, because my weight just wouldnt budge to below 60kg.

I gained 25kg when I was pregnant last year. It was a very painful road to get back to size 2 again, and I totally can relate to your story. We are on the same boat.

My baby just turned 1 year old last month. and to make it even sweeter, I've lost 22kg in one year. watching what we eat and keeping our stamina high for a higher metabolism is the key.

You can do it wenn.. all the best!

Vienne said...

Cjane: yeah good luck on ur weight lost journey too.. All the best..

Chegu: yaa slow but at least ada progress

Dee loner.. Thank u.

Joan said...

go go Claire! You can do it!

StellaClaire-Richard said...

yg penting ada progress bah :)