it juz a day, after having my nap, then i realised i have so many many works to finish but now, i'm in front of my pc, doin some refreshment and fixing my mind, so that i can do my work.

maybe i've lost my mind, i'm not really into study mood anymore...maybe i've took the not so right moment...but, i have to finish my study, with a good grade...(yet, my gred isnt so good) i juz have to pray to the One so i can relax my mind. what else i want to do...i couldnt wait and wait what to do next, but i need empowerment from my surrounding to tell me what to do before i lost too far...
ok actually i'm lost to my actual destiny ...i have many more to think of here....what shud i do???i always do something which i'm not supposed to do....and forgot what to do...and now, the works are waiting to be finished!!!!arghhhhhhhh, and it never finish!

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