Back to Normal..

i am so happy when last nite panda's eye return to its place...so happy to see her face normal againn....well, whenever people in da house see her eye, they said...eeee, napa mata dia tu..?? some said its look like alien, my bro said, basungan's eye...my aunt said: jgn lagi kita paggl dia panda, pggl si terbeliak. poor panda...how ever ur eyes look like, i still sayang my panda..she is the best dog i ever have

see the transformation..

can u imagine, sleeping with one eye open..well, panda does. so pity to see her. when the eye pop out, i always wipe her eyes like every hours. bring her to vet, and finish about rm 40 just to fix the eye. n now she so manja to me...

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pangaitsugud said...

hny, panda nya mato tebeliak cam guli batu >.<