Movie: Tikus

it was friday nite when honey n me goin to watch just released movie, the rat movie- Ratatouille. it is a story about a rat loves to cook. he has good sense of smelly and help his relatives to smell the poison in their food.hehehe..lawak kan...and this rat, really loves to cook and wanna be a famous cook...and he even know how to read... okie, actually the main theme of this movie is spirit of the small animal trying to do something bigger than himself...and the relation between human and animal is not just like me and panda but more to friendship..hehehe...and i loves the quote : anyone can cook!

well, not to say this movie is a must see movie..but if u have free time and need to bring family go jalan2, then this movie is just nice....

and next movie in list is kungfu fighter..

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