ermm, what a busy week...

it's been a long time i didnt write in my blog...im a bit busy for almost two weeks for my graduation day...taking my jubah on 24th august..then looking for the right shoes, great attire for me n honey, looks for the girl's stuff like hair pin, brooch and bla bla, taking studio photoshot with family and friends, learninh how to put on the hood, mortar and so so..so many things to do...and tomorrow will be the day...the day of my graduation.after studying for four years at universiti malaysia sabah...
then after dat, i will start my new life when i've been posted wherever.of course as a teacher. well, mentally n physically i am prepared myself to go rural area.i hope, wherever i will be posted there got coverage. anh i really hope its DIGI so i still can access internet.
been in da UNiversiti is good, its not about the study alone, but the society and the experience we can earn from around us and some ppl do business. from my experience, i can see how ppl open their eyes, when in da 1st year they wear like weirdo, fashion disaster, mismatch colour of their attire, the hair style like...and after 3 or 4 years, they turn to someone beautiful and handsome. some u can see, once they are ppl who always stay in room, like to be alone then suddenly become 'wild'. and someone who r very clever, good and hardworking turn to be lazy, and become not clever (which is me).
there so many things u can see, learn and gain in da Universiti life. but, it is depends on us how to take, give and manage our life. if we fall, its hard to rise again, of we keep on awake, then we will be great one.

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