after convo...

its been 3 days now, after the graduation day. so tired but happy, the last part in my U life. further study???well, maybe some other time. i think its enuff trouble my parents with my needs during my education processs. for the whole life...its for paytime. i have to take care of them, look for good job n help them. its been 19 years i have been study, pre-school (2 and half years), primary school( 6 years), high school(5 years), matriculation in labuan (1 year) and UMS(4 years)...study, non stop. and i never ever been to work.

im a bit sad during my convo. it seems it was my last day with friends. for knowing them about 4/5 years. learns to love ppls, learn to know them, learn to understand them. im learning from them. maybe it is hard to understand ppl. yeahh, for me very hard. and i know since my day during high school, it is so trouble to get close with ppls especially girls. i dunno, its hard to understand girls even me myself is a girl. but, i am learning. and im showing ppl the real me.

and im happy too, coz my frens faurraul and edna was there for me. msg from relatives and frens keep on coming to my inbox. thanx guys for support me all the time.


Dena E said...

are you a chemistry or an education ( chemistry grad?

Vienne said...

im in education majoring in chemistry