Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my birthday.. and im turning to 24. And i realise that im getting older but for sure im still young at heart and mind. Got so many wishes today. Like everyone in da school knows my birthday. every student wish me wherever they encountered me. When i enter my first lesson for PSK at 4 Lenova, i can see a draw of 'HAPPY Birthday to Miss Clare' on blackboard from outside of class. well im so mad to dat class last week but they know my birthday and stil give me wish dat makes me so touch. at 9.00 am, during ko-Kum period, students sing me Happy birthday and everybody in school then know my day. THanx to SEMENAM!!

and Special thanx to my class 2 Putra which they celebrating my birthday in our class with them. they Spending time and money for the preparation and im so touching. Im not a good teacher since i always scold them, mad at them, yell at them and punish them but they stil do all this to me. my cake from 2 putra

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