What is going to happen with this world

Day by day..as i entered the world of teaching or what u call educator...Now i can feel it is not an easy work...especially when u facing with different students' with their own character ...youngsters nowadays need attention so much. But the way they asked for it either in good ways or other way round. 'Good ways' means attention with their support to school and to teachers, taking participation in all curriculum and academic thingy, always get a good result in exam and so so..but the other way to get attention from everyone is--> bullying other students, breaking school rules, the boys with ciggarettes or coming to school in kogutan (hangover); and the girls with their bf stories, sexy uniform (which i mean wearing baju kurung with black/red lace bras), colourful hair clip and ribbon and many more things...all of this because of attention they need from everyone....during my schooldays, i know i always breaking the rules. Because at that time we (frens and me) always said, rules are made to be breaked, which dat time was unmatured and innocent (am i?) student. But as i become a big girls am going to be a successful somebody in future...And yes, i almost got it...
But how can i be a successful in my professionalisme if whatever i said like gone with the wind to them. As i experience from the surrounding, we can have a good job with good pay only if or we can find our true self with:
1. We study smart in our studies
2. We listen to our parents
3. We Listen to others teachers especially
4. Love in not everything during schooldays
5. Ur bestfriend is not the one choose for us, but our ownself

So for me, we can be everyone bestfriends but to find somebody who can be with u forever in our life is not the bestfriends but parents and siblings.

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