You are What U eat

1st of Jun..It is first day of a month and it is Sunday. Skip church today *tongue*. i wake up early but i just feel lazy to go church. my Brother, terence just went back to Terengganu again and dunno when he will be back again. Today my 4th day meeting my dietician. my diet progress goes smoothly and i just can make myself from eating too much...sometime kantoi but only take 1 bite only. i am used to be super kuat makan but day by day i can control myself from eating too much. and now i manage to make myself eating very few. Last nite i went to movie with my honey and i manage to eat nothing while honey is eating....Yesssshh i shud have big clap for this. we have popcorn for movie and of course i took 3 or four pieces..ekekekkekke...ifff Mariam my coach know this im sure she will cook me...

I remember the phrase, u are what u eat...just imagine i love to eat many kind of food. just try me, im a super addicted to food, and now i only eat jacob hi fibre+ milo O and water. i rid off rice, fui lau asam pedas, mcd and all the heaven's food. =( i love double cheese burger and i imagine i my face is like beef burger with cheese all over my cheek. but not now...i know i eat very little and that is all for detoxification and burning fat process. when i reach my ideal weight and i can eat again what i like but in small amount. whenever i have feeling to eat, i always think if i eat those fatty, creamy and carbohidrat food, i will wear double time double wedding gown.oh nooo... i dunt want look like that.

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