so LOng i dint do blogging. I just dunno wut to write. Yesterday. honey and me just bought new laptop. just ordinary and simple one. it is time for us to save money for our coming event in my life. BUt then honey's laptop getting worse and sometime he cant on, that makes us decide to get a new one.

My frens Cash just got her posting and she was posted to Sandakan. sob sob...shirely will go for 3 months course in Selangor. another sob son.She is working now with government. Good to hear dat. seems all my frens going far and follow their own steps. Most of the my friends now no longer study. Just like myself, we all now have our cars, our steady job and so on. I've been known my friends since form 1 and since after that, we all clicked till now. we will support each other during happy and tears. Even we doesnt have same path but we still contact to each other. Thanx to the friendster and YM! and what i realise everyone move to another step of life which is Getting Married. I am happy to hear everyone is getting married. Just like me. now i really find that i am going to adult's world. to a real world where is everything gonna be fine if u can fit in but miserable if u dunt know how to manage. This year is marriage year and so do years coming. Now im not going to any birthday party, or gathering or so on, but to engagement or marriage of my friends.

invitation to a wedding reception and my new laptop

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