A GOOD ending of WEEKEND

We Just finish our excellence PMR camp this afternoon. afterall, It was a great camp ever, since i i am here in SEMENAM. I just loves this camp. As a fasilitator, i am in charge for group 5 which they called themselves Marble group. The concept of this camp is English which everyone must practice their Language skill. One of the interesting activity is musical drama. Even my group has the problem with the grammar and english word for their script, but with the help of madam Chrispina, they manage to make their script better. we have been practice for the drama about 1 week.This is just a review of the camp which was start on friday (4 Jul 2008)at 7.00 am and finish at 4.00 (6 Jul 2008. I feel happy with my group. Even we dont win any, but still i am proud to them.

My students drawing the logo

Drawing their own flag for the group trademark

The Group with their invention (Rumahku Syurgaku)

Ready to go home

Even my Weekend i have to stay here in Tambunan, and this camp makes me tired but i am happy. i feel that i get closer to the student. as i always said to my student, i am what i always shows them.

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