What is going to our future generation?

Dis morning, during our short meeting, the pricipapal talking about managing the problem student. yess..we are facing the students who always come with problems. 2nd period is teaching my own class. as their class teacher, like usual i will record the students' s attendance, classroom cleanliness and checking if all student are in good conditions.
during my lesson, suddenly 2 of my student enter the class. they claim that they was meeting up with discipline teacher as i know there i among the problem students, always escape class and sometimes making problem.
after awhile, i ask the student incharge to clean the blackboard. the student incharge for cleaning is one of the student who just came in the class. he was in front of class cleaning the blacboard and i was standing beside him. and i smell alcohol from its breath. i think i standing about 3 feets from him. OMG, he is only 14 years old and he is already involved with alcohol?
i just dunno what to do to him. what i know he is going to be thrown out from school soon.
i just feel sad to him. what he will do when he is not going to school anymore? if he is accepted to the school, he will never learn his lesson. he will always escape school and doing useless thingy.

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Joan said...

bau alcohol...astaga..bahaya ni..ada ko report sama guru disiplin?