I am still Crying

yesh...its been few days since my last blog. i am so busy with school work. PMR excellence camp is in this weekend which i have to prepare my group with their assignment. School Cooperation sdn bhd report, prepare teaching and learning materials and so so..But Everytime im home i will feel alone. Sitting alone and crying unstopable. i have to make myself busy as busy bee all the time. But i realised, during doing the house chores, i kind of heard all my mum's words. Even during chopping the onion or during cook our fav dishes. I always think i can cope but actually i cant. Just need company. think how much i can survive without her. Think who can take care of my dad. i know i need to be strong, just for my dad and my little brothers. They both need me, i just know that. All this while, parents and my two younger brother just rely on me. BAck to home in Penampang, i know they always need me since my first dayof moving here in Tambunan. After all these happen to us, im will thinking of being transferred as soon as possible back to Penampang. and i know i can do this only after 3 years. But overall, i just like being here in Tambunan. I know i cant be selfish, i have to think about my daddy alone in penampang.
Dear God,
I know u call mummy and i believe she is with u,
i Know she is watching me from other side,
i only hope, we here can cope everything,
hope can accept what U have done, even it is hard,
But i believe it is all your plan,

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