there r still good people in da world

yesterday, i went to pay my debt at singer Tambunan. it is when im moving in to the quarters here near my school where i desperately need refrigerator. and it was the first and last thing i put on ccm. hehehehhe...anyway, i just want to talk about my handphone k550i SE. when i was got out from our car, suddenly my handphone rang. that was honey who called me. i answered the phone while walking to the singer's counter. when approaching the counter, i hung up the phone call, and which i didnt realised i put the phone on the counter table. after done all the business, i just walk away from the shop without realising my handphone was leaved behind. When i reached honey's school, i search all over my handbag and i realised i leave my hp at the store. i ask student to call honey from the staffroom. when he reached the car, i show him some pity face and before i telling him, he already know about my HP. he said the HP was leave at the singer. am so lucky i still can have my Hp back. if, if i am in somewhere else, for sure i wouldnt get my hp back but not here in Tambunan where most of the people know u. Thanks to the worker at the singer for return my HP

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