My Friend's wedding day

Yesterday was superb. i attended my classmate's wedding reception at putera ballroom Bukit Padang KK. and i was so happy. of course happy for the newly wed couple, Brenda and Dr. Loriot but apart of that i met many of my ex-schoolmates. and together with my exclassmate of SMSM 2001 (most of us in same class since form 1 and dat include my honey) getting 'wild' and crazy. I just loves beinga round my friends. and we all having much fun together. the bride and the groom so beautiful and overall the reception is wonderful.

opening food~~

happy faces

friendship forever~~~

opps....i forgot to take photo with the bride..dodot is so busy entertain her guest from table to table...when reaching our table, after the loud of 'yam shing' cheer, we forgot to take picture...how forgetful i am....


Joan said...

best nya kamu semua...
tapi sayang nda tergambar tu bride and groom

Toilet paper said...

ko pula ni claire..
sa ingat sepa lagi..
ba all the best ah..
mau minta izin link blog ko dlm blog sa..

Jan Rovera said...

yuhuu.. ko pula ni sa ingat sepa.. btw nice blog.. huhu sa pun mau minta izin link blog ko mcm si max.. hehe

Vienne said...

ok ba..ok saja kalu kamu

Vienne said...

ok ba..ok saja kalu kamu