I miss u!

Two more weeks is my late mum's 100th days. Well due to the busy of work and dis and dat, i almost forgot the day.not to say that i am forgetting her. Every single day I miss her. And today, i really miss her. She is my inspiration since we have work in same field. Tomorrow will be my big day, only her know how important was it. But, she is not here, not in da world anymore. SAD... yes i am sad...i miss her. i need her. There are so many things i wanted to tell her. Even i have other mummies (yess, i call my aunties mummy)...but they are not the same...not to say my aunts are not good, but it just not same. Coping of her lost is not easy. How i wish i can share everything with her...like, honey and me just bought all the furnitures, and how i wish she will be here, looking what i have done to my life which i am very sure she will so happy. I miss everything about her. I miss her cook especially the 'pinasakan sada', the curry fish head and her sambal belacan. it is not that i cant cook or prepare all those cook, but it is not the same. sometime i cook all her favorite dish(she loves to cook) and let my dad and my brother to taste. As my brother tell me, i have the talent of cooking. Just like her taste. Like mother like daughter of coz. Sometime, he tell me, maybe during cooking my mum come and helps me to give the taste of the food. How bad my brother.
During her life, i will told her every single things. Things went smooth eversince i finish my school. And we get real close.
I miss my mum. I still wonder why she left us when we still need her. i am still question about that. (that was when i went wrong just like during writing dis blog). But she is in my prayer everyday....I miss u mummy...

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