The Interview

whoaahhhh....Interview was successful..not really good actually...but just OK. dis is actually the 3rd interview in my life, which is 1st one is KPM interview for posting as teacher purpose, the second is when i ask job from Boulevard pc company, and this was the 3rd and i hope this will be the last.
I am the 3rd candidates(ngam ka tue) after honey's turn (so lucky we went interview at same date and room). When he exit from the room, i know it's my turn. Ifeel so nervous.Real nervous!
I knocked the door, open door, and move forward in front the datuk, and greeted him good morning. The he asked me to sit. I sit and the discussion start....owh well, he start to ask me questions. Checking the details of myself from the form he holds.
Datuk: so, apa peranan seorang guru yang anda tahu?
me: peranan seorang guru adalah memberi pendidikan kepada anak muridnya. Tetapi bidang pendidik bukan hanya melibatkan penyampaian ilmi, tetapi membantu pelajar dalam meningkatkan potensi diri sendiri. Guru juga memberi inspirasi kepada pelajar untuk menjadi seorang insan yang berguna pada masa hadapan.
(seems like i am fluent right? But hell no, sometime the words are here and there. and there are paused in my sentence..hahhahaa)
we talked and talked until i accidently said My english is poor but i try my best to speak. And wut a unlucky stupid of my mouth, he asked me to teach him in front using the white board. Me, myself stand up confidently walk to where the whiteboard is, start teaching him MATTER. I just dunno why i picked that topic, it is just come thru my mind. When finished, he told me i am a good teacher .
(how happy i am)
But, when come to latest issue...
i feel zero..
he sed i shud polish my reading to get know the latest issue. do not let student know better than ourselves. (oo yeasshh i admit that didnt know any issue except for goverment servant will get bonus. i feel down that time) tu la, padan muka..sapa suruh x baca newspaper.
it is not my habit reading newspaper and watching news on TV.wut to do....


^Jan Rovera said...

ooo gituka pula interview kamu.. wow ada mau p ajar2 interviewer lagi.. btw im tagging u! sa xtau sepa lagi mau tag ni ba hehe.. kalau ada masa view my post under tagged by maika ok.. huhu

chegu carol said...

adui bah...kena suruh mengajar lagi? during my time, i certainly dont remember any of my friends telling me anything about doing macro teaching in front of the interviewer.

sandi juga lah kan interview ko but at least you went through it already. :)

Dayang Sandakan (uwek) said...

'oo yeasshh i admit that didnt know any issue except for goverment servant will get bonus'

hahaha! i guess that's the most important thing in life these days =D money money money