what a day when there is pimple on my cheek..besar lagi tue...
i got pimple rare, but when it hit my face, it must be BIG.
School was a bit busy with a lot of activities and so so.
Today i went into bushes near my school where students always go for escape. Students at my school not like students near city or town because student at town always escape and go to nearest CC to play games or hang around the town doing nothing. But our student aren't like dat. they went to the bushes behind our school. What a surprised, in dat bushes, there are many handy craft made from things around there. there got pangkin where they can lying and sit, small table where maybe they do gambling and even fire place to bbq. yess, we believe this students steal from nearest villagers. Letters already sent to their parents to come to school, but after the teacher-parents meeting, the students will come go to school as usual. But after recest the will dissapear again. Nothing can be done. All teachers especially the discipline teacher can do is, surveying everyday.
There are many things are going to happen in school. The big one is EXAM for SPM and PMR. i didnt teach any exam class except for Pendidikan Moral form 5.

so, any students peeps out there who are going to sit exam, i have some advise for to help u ready for exam:
1. for the 2 months of exa, left all ur revision book.it is time for u to answer all the past year's question.
2. Make sure u already have all the things needed in exam such as pencil, pen, calculator, identity card and so on.
3. try to makes copies for ur exam's timetable and put everywhere in ur room.so, u wont missed any paper or u will always be ready for next paper.
4. If u hate your subject teacher, go see them, ask for forgiveness and their pray. Please, do not hate ur teacher no matter how suck they are.
5. If u do not have a good relationship with your parents, it is time to forgive them. No matter what, they are the one who always give whatever u have now. Even u never feel what they already has given to u.
6. Let go all the bad thinking and forget awhile all the love stuff between u and ur bf/gf.

That is all for now..hehehe...
Picture shown shows how bad my days are.....at least for this few days.


chegu carol said...

dui gia mandak, kici saja pun ko punya pimple tu and bukan byk...hehehe

mine, betaburan dkt around my mouth. trus tu byk scar lagi tu :(

Vienne said...

hehehe..bukan apa, everytime sa masuk kelas misti budak ckp..dui, jerawat.. dorang bilang...