book Fair

heloo good morning..hehehe...yesterday was pay day..hehehe..waaa best oo..cuti2 pun ada gaji..by the way, just come back from Tambunan yesterday, have to go to school to submit something..hehehe....even in school holiday, as a teacher, we have to prepare many things. 1st week, i have to ready learning plan for week 1 year 2009, then have to ready the timetable...dis and dat la....if i am rajin, i will do animation for my teaching aid...hehehe so far, i already done for 2 lessons for 1 week.
O ya, last Sunday, after going to church at SH, we heading to Times Bookfair/clearance sale at Kompleks Asia City. waaaaaaa....i feel like rambang mata, there are many books(novel of course) to choose. I bought 5 novels which only cost me rm102.50...cheap huh? o ya , discount from 30%-90%. so to the book worm, dunt miss the opportunity...before u will left with boring book...the fair is until 7 Dec

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chegu carol said...

ko tau...i saw on newspaper the fair was 21st dec - 30dec bah...mati2 sa heran, napa bah durang publish awal betul tu book fair. sekali tinguk2, sa salah nampak pula...hahaha...i havent pay a visit. maybe tomorrow. lama tida beli books juga ni.