Cousin Prisca Wedding reception...

OK this event was 2 weeks ago and i only manage to upload the picture today....2 weeks ago, my camera was run out of battery (we forgot to bring the charger from Tambunan) and we only manage to take picture at outside..huhuhuhu....so, the wedding reception was at KDCA hall Penampang on 9th of November. The theme was traditional...huh? okay, we all have to wear Kadazandusun costume and the groom give prize to the best constume...huh??? yeah, it is true...
last weekend on 21th of November, the reception at Groom's place in Kg Tamui, Papar. so i manage to take a lots of picture.
From left: me, my cousin Prisca and Mimi

At papar, dancing sumazau

Bride for the day...Fred & Prisca

and, si penyibuk...me and Prisca...
OO yaa...my cousin is wear traditional Papar during reception here in Penampang, and she is wearing Penampang Traditional costume during reception in Papar. The winner for the best costume goes to Penampang Costume with bobohizan at the head and she won rm2K....huhuhu..me? i am wearing dress with touch of the golden threads..hahahhaha

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