Cant wait

Long silence after my last post...well, the laziness is hitting me and it still there~~♪♫♫
i cannot do anything(lazy is the correct word i think)
Weekend was just another weekend.
Attend a wedding of hubby's friend,
went to steamboat for dinner,
spent the nite with family at home till morning.

Sunday even worst..
wake up late so do hubby
went for breakfast at Fui Lau Donggongon(why the asam pedas taste not good anymore?)
buy breakfast for FIL and we heading to home again.
Decided to hunt mask for the SBG this end of month but hubby refuse to go =( jahat dia
oo ya, talking about mask i decided to become

witch(alluring) ~~hoho..sexy, cute witch. kunun lar except, im not going to wear that short...i envy the leg~~..

Glamour sexy Witch~~
the skirt not so short...can be consider...?? just nice..the shoe? ermmm, but i still need the HAT..and maybe the stick...
cant wait..hope i can get black witch hat ..owh, how the witch hair suppose to be?and, do i have to bring my broom?? ~~~i really cant wait..hehehe
i decided to ask hubby to become wizard but i have no idea how wizard look like..so we will become witch and wizard of the Imperial for the nite♥♥♥


♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

ohh sioknya.. maybe sa x dapat pigi itu gathering 0o, sa pulang keningau.. huhu.. enjoy2 la kamu ya..

sa suka itu 2nd outfit.. ;)

Joan said...

yay..mari kita bersemangat mau bercostume ah clare.

si sheila pun going tu. kita ambil gambar banyak2 nanti. cant wait.

good for you. sudah decide. my costume belum sa decide ni. so fickle minded about it.

InobonG ProPer said...

Ya...saya pun perasan the asam pedas at Fui Lau tidak sedap sudah..I stop eating there long time ago..coz saya ternampak satu lalat baaaasar dlm asam pedas saya..i called the pekerja to check..diorg terus angkat bah without warning...they wanted to replace it with a new one...tapi saya refuse. They didn't charge me anyway..

Currently...I like the chu-chap at Dragon...minta banyak2...bawang goreng hehehe

Vienne said...

Annie: alaa..sayang...next time misti mo pigi

Joan: ya bah...sa pun x sabar ni...nanti bawa dslr ko arr...sa pun bawa ni..sa bawa juga penyapu ni..hoho~~~mo fikir baju apa lagi untuk si joseh..

Phil: lalat??adidi..sa x mo makan lagi la sana tu..

chegu carol said...

yay! we are gonna see a sexy witch at SBG!!!!

Gallivanter said...

I can see that it's gonna be a cool event! :-D