what else?

Well, I'm so sad to say that we couldn't manage to go to Penang because of budget limit and the flight price cost a bomb i think not worth~~huhu..~but who know a miracle might happen rite?maybe next year~only 1 trip is confirmed and i hope no more earth quake, no more flood, no more tsunami~but we only can Hope and pray so that everything will be OK.
Maybe go around like last time and hunting for hotel is a good thing to do again...because i just Love doin that..
I am now here in hubby's staff room at his school and waiting for him finishing his extra class.
first time being here.
everyone seem knows me but me? seperti biasa, pandai blur2 nie..

I am a person who dont approach people even I know them. But if i know them well, i will approach.this is because

1.One day i hang around mall together with hubby. Hubby tell me, is that a friend of urs? then i said yes, so i approached her, What happen?i can see blur2 in her face..well, she smile and pretend know me and after chit chat...she asked me, mana gia kita jumpa tu?*malu*

2. another story was when i hang around at Donggongon area, i saw this schoolmate of mine. I know she saw me, but pretending not knowing me. so i just assume, she did not see me and do not know me.

sometimes people said i am *sombong* well to be honest i remember every people i meet and i know them. i just shy to be the first to approach or at least give a smile. I am kind of Peramah and mesra dengan senyuman, but only to a people i know or really really know. Malu bah, u senyum tidak kena balas...

basically first impression when people first meet me is:
sombong juga ni perempuan ni

but try talk to me, i will do the talk more than u do..haha
and i laugh loud.. really loud..
if u kind of quiet2 and shy2 person sure u cannot IN with me
if u kind of not open person sure u cannot IN with me because i talk sharp..really sharp and the worst is, really straight to the point. and kind of *kasar*. well that is me..i am who i am. i talk what i want and try not to hurt people. but sometime people are so sensitive and i just dunno how to control myself sometimes.Dont blame me because i am not perfect.
I am a teacher and i am a person where u can see just the same anytime. During delivering my teaching, during meeting, during chit chat, during party and list goes on. i can talk and laugh with my students, with my aunts, with my siblings, my cousins, my friends just the same. But i am more humble when i talk to people who are rich, greater position, datuk2, datin2 and anybody who it may concern. And i have tp pretend to be very good during formal function and that's SO NOT ME!

Because i just love to laugh. and i just like to go along with people who just accept me for who i am.


chegu carol said...

provided that ur facial features do not differ much from what ive been seeing on pictures, u will sure get a very enthusiastic greeting from me...see you at SBG nxt week!

GeTzzz.... said...

-Penang? well, u'll find other things to suit in the occasion.

-Sumbung? Herrmm. . wud love te try wether u are one. . Another time around i think? If u happen to remember me. . hehehe

-Will sure loike to hear ur laugh someday somewere. .

Vienne said...

Chegu: yeahh see u too
Getzz: :)