OMG~ it's been ages i didnt update my blog. it is not that my life isnt enjoytable anymore but spending time with Caelan is the most priority.He is growing and learning, so it is important for me to teach and make him able to learn. At the age of almost 10 moths he still dunno walking but very good at climbing.(he can stand tho with help of anything surround him)..yes...he will climbs sofa, chair or anything he can reach. recently he knows how to clap hand and he will happily clapping hands if he hear music. he sleeps with light off and can sleeps with loud TV. he just doze of anytime, anywhere when he want to.
oo ya..he is now got almost 4 teeth.
i just miss blogging and writing blog. everytime i start writing, i end up close my tab because i dunno what to write.so at least today i manage to post something before blogger friend will forget me~


noradzlina.kamdani said...

my mum said u can help caelan in walking by training him to walk bare foot early in the morning where there is still dew on the grass...it helps try it on...

nc said...

10 months oredi pla sda kn.. :)
mana ada la ba bleh di lupa kan si mummy caelan ni..

StellaClaire-Richard said...

hope to see u often soon..:)
baby caelan blm pandai jalan?.. kasi training2 dia..

Vienne said...

Noradzlina: thanx..iya urg tua2 sini pu bgtau begitu.

NC: yeah..thanx nc..time flies..oo ya congrats for the newborn~

stellaclaire: yabah..blum pandai jalan ni..banyak training suda dia tp masi lagi jengket2 dia jalan..

AnnieMing said...

Palan-palan baitu. Hehe.. Dulu my Michelle pun limpas 1 tahun baru pandai belajar bejalan. Tapi sebelum dia masuk 1 tahun, pandai sudah becakap sama urang la.. :D