Its been awhile...
Yesterday was my birthday. Nothing much i expect for my birthday but celebration with hubby and kids. Unfortunately caelan fall asleep before we cut the cake. So only daddy, mummy and chen chen.

At the age of ...ehee2eemmm9 i almost fulfill whatever i want in this life.
1) i still cant believe im married to my husband now ( he once my classmate from form 1-5), but i still remember how good boy he was back then and im the notty2 one...
2) i am a mommy of two adorable son. And i still dont believe i givebirth to them...
3) bought a car
4) bought a house
5) have my own business ( biar kecil kecilan)

And nothing much i regret in this life except of i cant share anything what i have now with my late mom but she always in my prayer.
And being a wife n mommy isnt an easy task!
Happy Birthday to me again.


Just said...

Happy belated buffday to u! Wish u good health and happiness! :)

Joan said...

happy belated birthday claire...ur late mom mesti proud to see what you have accomplished now :)